The fall and winter is a wonderful season; snow skiing, festivities around the holidays, hot cocoa, and fireplaces. But the fall and winter season also brings with it many frustrations and one of those is sun glare. This can be a real problem for many people at home or working from home, causing discomfort, annoyance  -not to mention damages to furniture or rugs.

Not only does the sun cause glare within your home, but it also increases temperatures and makes activities like reading, working on your computer or watching television a challenge. However, you don’t have to close the curtains and live in the dark to solve this problem; here is the best way to reduce sun glare while still allowing light and a beautiful view into your home. If you’re looking to reduce winter sun glare at home, read on.


Why is it brighter in the winter?

The sun’s position in the sky changes all the time. It alters our perception of color and light. The sun is as far overhead as it gets during the summer solstice, which occurs around June 21st.

As we approach the winter solstice, the sun will sink even lower, resulting in shorter days, bluer skies, and an even brighter sun on the horizon. This will continue into January when the sun is at its brightest because Earth is closest to the sun at that time.

As if that weren’t bad enough, bright white snow creates truly blinding conditions. If you purchased your home for the windows or the view, blinds and curtains may not be what you want. So, what’s the best solution to retain your gorgeous view without going blind from the winter sun?

stop window glare at home in winter

How to Get Rid of Winter Sun Glare at Home

Glare reduction window film is the most functional and aesthetically pleasing way to reduce glare. This window film is nearly invisible, allowing you to see out of your home or office windows while reducing glare.

The good news is that window films can not only significantly reduce the damage done to your curtains and shades by direct sunlight, but they can also reduce glare by more than 80%. All of the 3M Sun Control Window Films we carry block 99 percent of ultraviolet light, which helps to significantly slow the rate of sun damage to your curtains, shades, floors, and furniture.

Most homeowners will want to go with a medium or dark tint that blocks at least 50% of the daylight when it comes to glare reduction at home. Night Vision 35 and Neutral 35 are two of the most popular 3M Sun Control Window Films for residential homes, both of which reduce glare by approximately 60%.

For skylights and other elevated windowpanes, a darker window film, such as Night Vision 25, can reduce glare by up to 72 percent.

Depending on the space or needs, you can go even darker in commercial settings.

3M Redirecting Daylight Film can direct up to 80% of the natural light entering your office toward the ceiling and away from your television or computer screen. Simultaneously, by redirecting sunlight upward, natural light penetrates deeper into your rooms, reducing the need for artificial lighting. This can save you up to 52% on your lighting energy bill.

Watch this 3M Daylight Redirecting Film video to learn more about how glare reduction window film works.