Project Description

3M Affinity 15

S&P Global Building

“Pleasing and Comfortable Environment – With a Consistent Look”

UV Window Tinting

The direct sun was so bright that employees were hanging poster board & sheets of paper on the windows because they didn’t want to keep the shades down, eliminating their views. The building from the outside was a hodge-podge of posters & shades at various heights that made it look horrid.

The solution was 3M Affinity 15. This film was selected to add uniformity to the building with a sleek & modern sheen and to make the work environment pleasant and comfortable. In addition, the energy savings will equate to a ROI in under 7 years.

The S & P building instantly looked 30 years newer after the film was installed. All challenges were exceeded with the 3M Affinity 15. The Facility Manager commented 18 months after installation “Loving the window tinting!”.

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Lower Energy Costs with UV Tint

Energy costs trending skyward? Employees, tenants, customers, and guest complain that rooms are too hot or too bright? 3M® Window Film energy-saving technologies allow you to take control of providing a better environment for everyone. According to the DOE, 40% of heating loss in commercial building is due to windows. Clear View installation of window film supports year-round savings by helping to cool air during the summer and retain heat in the winter while letting in natural light. Take advantage of the potential savings that using 3M® Window Film offers building owners. Saving energy is good for everyone’s business.