3M Night Vision 25

Private Residence – North Garden Great Room

Sun and Comfort Control. Reduce Solar Heat While Maintaining a Beautiful View

Sun and Heat Control UV Glass Film

The owner’s fantastic mountain views came with challenges, like “sun and comfort control”. The desire was to control the heat from the sun in the great room and home, protect the wood and furnishings from harmful UV light, keep the integrity of the open space intact, all while maintain the beautiful view.

The reason the owners selected their land and built this home was to enjoy their surrounding world class views. The tremendous sun load was unbearable and the thought of covering up all those beautiful windows, to them was insanity. Window film was the perfect solution and 3M Night Vision 25 was the perfect choice. This window film was selected for it’s low interior reflectivity, high performing reduction in heat gain and damaging UV rays, the desired light softening, and because it is a color neutral window film.

Spectacular results. The room temperature matched the thermostat setting, no more excessive hot spots. The light was plentiful, softened perfectly, the enhanced mountain views were enhanced for everyone’s enjoyment. The 3M Night Vision 25 far exceeded their expectations and turned their Great Room into the space they envisioned when they designed their home

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