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Advances in Window Film, Glass Tinting

Window film solutions have come a long way! It’s amazing how much has changed since the first patents for window film were issued to 3M™ in 1966. Greater demand for newer technologies and the use of window film products in non-traditional ways allows Clear View to offer more aesthetically appealing choices that embody your creativity and inspiration.

What is Window Film?

Window films (also called window tint) are a type of window treatment that offer a wide range of benefits including: Improved Comfort, Energy Savings, Increased Privacy, Fade Protection and reduced glare. Window films are typically applied on windows and glass surfaces in homes and buildings by trained professionals.

Types of Window Film

Window films can range in color from dark to clear to multicolored and come in various patters and colors. We can even print graphics, images and designs on optically clear window film. Window film consists of three parts: laminated polyester layers, coatings with adhesive and a protective hardcoating.

We have a full spectrum of patterns, colors, opacity, as well a custom printed window films that give you unlimited creative choices for interior design glass finishes.

Benefits of Window Film

There are many benefits of window film. Window film is designed to reduce the effects of solar heat and sunlight on furnishings. By blocking up to 79% of the solar heat, window films help improve comfort so rooms stay at a more even, moderate temperature.

Window film protects your furniture and floors from fading by blocking 99% of damaging ultraviolet (UV) light. Our window films reduce glare, helping people work and relax without the eyestrain from excessive light. Uniquely developed window films can enhance security by helping to deter burglars from breaking and entering through windows and glass doors.

Industry Leading Window Films

We use industry leading window films that save energy, improve comfort, increase safety, strengthen security, enhance interior design, and reduce the need for electrical lighting by redirecting outdoor light. Whether it is your primary residence, second home, or business or office, a large commercial property, or even a historical building, we’ve done it all.

Let us take a first-hand look at the challenges you face, we’ll share ideas and the benefits of window film. There are a lot of reasons to install window film, but yours is the most important one to us.

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Solutions Brought to Light

Residential Case Studies

Residential Case Studies

Enjoy the best of having enhanced views while being more comfortable in your home.  See how we have helped home owners save energy, reduce glare and fading, while allowing natural healthy light in.

Commercial Case Studies

Commercial Case Studies

Window film saves money by lowering energy costs, while improving the year-round environment.  We make it more comfortable for customers, employees, and guests.  See what we have done.

Interior Design Glass Finishes

Architectural/Design Case Studies

Appearance matters.  Make the best impression with a large selection of decorative films for your clients building or office. Help your clients protect their valuable contents from the harmful effects of UV rays.  Add a measure of safety & security with films that hold shattered glass in place.