Custom Printed Graphic Film

Charlottesville Airport (CHO) – Founder’s Lounge

“Artistry Brought to Light – Any Design You Can Imagine”


Custom Printed Graphic Film

The Charlottesville Albemarle Airport (CHO) wanted to make a very good impression on the community, prompting them to include an historic themed design for the new business traveler lounge conference room. To add privacy, CHO chose a design using the “Preamble to the Constitution” with a gradient ‘parchment-look’ background, having diagonal positioned words that show the same from both outside and inside the conference room.

Traditional methods of applying letters to a frost film couldn’t meet the artistic desire for diagonal positioned lettering viewable from both sides of the glass. Clear View recommended a solution using custom printed graphic film that imprints an image on clear film that allows for the gradation on a diagonal effect, making the black letter the same on both sides of the glass.

We delivered for CHO. Our polyester films allow for any design imaginable with a durable substrate. Polyester films immolate manufactured glass art with the same quality at a much more reasonable cost. As an added benefit, if a re-design is desired in the future, film replacement is a much better economic option than glass replacement.

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