Window Treatment for Sun Glare

During the winter months, the sun may have a direct line through your windows. How to treat sun glare? With tinted UV blocking window film.

Do you have an abundance of glare and heat coming through your windows? If you always have your blinds or shades closed and miss the beauty of the scenery outdoors, it might be time to install UV filtering sun glare film. Open up your space to allow for full views of the beautiful winter season and increase your comfort indoors.

Preventing Sun Glare in Winter

There’s a reason the term “snow blindness” was coined. Snow amplifies glare tremendously. Even indoors, snow glare can make a room too bright, unpleasant, and washed out visually. This bright whiteness is even more uncomfortable than the glare of the light diffused by high clouds on an overcast day, and it bounces around off the snow and other surfaces right through your windows.

Glare Reduction Solutions

  • Install blinds or curtains (blocks light and the view)
  • Install Light Shelves (good for home offices)
  • Install in Glare Reduction Window Film (allows light without glare, and doesn’t block the view!)

Whether it is blocking out the harmful UV rays, cutting down the glare, reducing the condensation on the windows, helping prevent fading to your interior and even providing insulation to your windows, Clear View Window Film Solutions can help you find the right window film, no matter what the season.

Glare Control Window Tint Installation Charlottesville, VA

Anti-glare window film is a special type of sun control film that helps eliminate a significant amount of unwanted sunlight and glare while allowing natural light to pass through. Whether it is the long sunny days of summer, the intensity of morning and evening sun, or the low-lying nature of the winter sun, the intense brightness and ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun can pose a problem year around.

Compared to traditional solutions like blinds and screens, glare-reduction window film is a more cost-effective and easy-to-maintain solution that won’t obstruct or block your view to the outdoors. Our team uses the top of the line sun glare and UV blocking window films. Get in touch today for a free quote!

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