3M Night Vision 15 & 25

Blenheim Vineyards – Tasting Room

Preserve Views While Reducing Heat and Glare

Heat and Sun Glare Prevention Window Tint

The beautiful Blenheim Vineyards tasting room bars were right in front of the windows, giving patrons a spectacular view. However, the extreme heat and glare from the sun made it difficult for everyone to truly enjoy the experience the owners wanted. The owners’ goal was to make the space comfortable without disrupting the view.

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Energy Efficient Window Tinting Options

Clear View determined that the upper windows, because of the sun’s angle, received the most heat and glare and with the views being mostly sky, recommended the darker shaded 3M Night Vision 15. For the lower windows with the view of the vineyard, we recommended the lighter shaded 3M Night Vision 25. Choosing two different shades was just the right balance, permitting the perfect amount of natural daylight, reducing heat & glare, while improving the views. When comparing the background view of the sky in the upper windows to the background of the lower window earth tones, the 10% shading difference between films could not be noticed.

The combination of the two films worked perfectly. The owners were very pleased with the enhanced views, energy efficiency, and added comfort for their patrons and employees. And the two different films were never noticed.

Designed by Dave Matthews and master craftsman William Johnson and finished in 2000, the Blenheim Vineyards winery building was designed to have minimal impact on the environment.  Constructed from reclaimed wood fitted together with mortise and tenon joints, the timber frame tasting room is lined with south-facing windows and skylights, which facilitate full daylighting of the space. In fact, no electricity is required to light the space in the summer. In the winter, the lights are only turned on once it gets dark outside, and the tasting room benefits from passive solar heating throughout the day as well.

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