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We are the premier Solar UV window film installation company for Charlottesville and Richmond VA residents and businesses.

If you are looking for a solar window tinting service in Richmond, VA, look no further than Clear View Window Tint! We offer only the highest quality of UV solar film products and services. Call (866) 712-0544 now to schedule an appointment.

5 Reasons to Install Solar Window Film

1. Health

According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, few people realize UV Blocking window film provides protection by blocking 99.9% of UVA radiation.

Ultraviolet A rays are 30 to 50 times more prevalent and are present during all daylight hours throughout the year. Window film helps prevent sunburn and skin cancer, as well as the brief daily UV exposures that accelerate skin aging over time.

    • Chronic exposure to UVA rays through windows may accelerate skin aging by 5 to 7 years.
    • More than 90 percent of skin cancers and the visible signs of skin aging are caused by the sun.
    • UV rays from the sun can damage your home and belongings. Over time, these harmful UV rays will fade carpets, upholstery, wood floors and even stone countertops. They’ll also cause fading on artwork, photographs as well as furniture and clothing.

Clear View installs solar window film with a clear protective barrier that blocks 99% of the sun’s damaging ultraviolet (UV) radiation while still allowing you to enjoy natural light into your home or business at any time of day. Our exclusive solar control films are easy to apply to glass windows, doors or skylights with no bubbles or wrinkles! We offer free professional consultations for all our customers so they can see how much light their windows will let in before we tint them. Let us help protect your family from dangerous UV rays.

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2. Fading Floors

Prolonged exposure to the sun can cause furniture, artwork, flooring and even expensive window treatments to lose color and break down over time. But even more critical is the increased risk of skin cancer and premature skin aging, caused by harmful UV rays entering through the windows of your home. Now, UV Blocking Window Films give you an easy, economical way to protect your furnishings – and your family – from the damaging effects of the sun, while allowing you to enjoy all the beauty and brilliance of natural sunlight.

UVA blocking window tinting
3. Fading Furnishings

What is it about constant sun exposure that makes furnishings and memorabilia fade? UV rays are the principle cause of fading. Solar heat continually heats fabrics and other surfaces, which can accelerate breakdown and discoloration over time. Visible light can accelerate fading.

4. Preserve Historic Buildings

We are dedicated to perpetuating and revitalizing Virginia’s cultural, architectural and historic heritage ensuring historic places remain an integral part of the lives of present and future generations.

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Glass Windows and Doors Require Special Consideration — to maintain preservation standards. The Secretary of the Interior ‘Standards for Rehabilitation & Illustrated Guidelines on Sustainability for Rehabilitating Historic Buildings’ for windows provides specific recommendations to protect the ‘historic’ look when upgrading windows.

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Mitigating Damage Caused by UV Rays — protecting irreplaceable furnishings and interiors. Many Restoration and Preservation Directors are using Window Film as a solution for blocking UV rays while maintaining the historic aesthetics of the building.

5. Unique Windows Designs are More Challenging

Architects and artisans designed windows with arches, angles, and many small panes that require special handling to maintain the design and the integrity of the window.

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Solar Window Film Experts

Clear View Window Film Solutions has the experience and the skill required to property apply window film to historic windows. We’ve worked with local Restoration & Preservation Directors at Monticello, Montpelier, the University of Virginia, and Washington Lee University.

For the best solar window film tinting service in Richmond, VA, call us today! Our professional team will ensure that your windows are protected from harmful UV rays while also increasing energy efficiency. We have been providing quality workmanship for over a decade and guarantee our work.

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