3M Safety & Security Ultra 600

The Judge Advocate General's Legal Center and School

“Superior Invisible Protection – Students and Property Protected”

Safety and Security Window Film Installation

Case Study: Window Film for Ballistics Protection at UVA

The University of Virginia owns the building that houses The Judge Advocate General’s Legal Center and School. New federal compliance standards required UVA to upgrade windows to GSA 3B rating before a new long-term lease was finalized. Protection from active shooter events and other possible attack threats have become a high priority. Glass is the weakest entry point on most building exteriors, so securing the building parameter is challenging, especially when it’s 18,000 + sq. ft. of glass.

Collaboration with UVA, the JAG School, and Clear View was vital. Project time sensitivity, logistics, working while the building was occupied, and a need for special 3-story scaffolding and special lifts were just some of the challenges. 3M Safety & Security Ultra S600 window film with the 3M Impact Protection Profile was the selected solution. The Ultra S600 film is an invisible (clear), micro-layered security film that helps protect people from flying glass shards, one of the most common causes of blast related injuries and fatalities. The film also helps to deter unwanted individuals from entering through a glass enclosure.

The project finished on time: the synchronizing of equipment, vendors, sub-contractors required to complete the installation were seamless. The result was improved safety for students and faculty. It is a solution that’s invisible to potential attackers – there was no way to know the glass is fortified.

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