Winter Sun Glare and Your Windows

Sun glare through your Virginia windows is worse in the winter months. Because of light reflecting snow and lower angles of the sun, the winter is a great time to install Glare Reducing Window Film.

The angle of the sun is considerably lower all winter long, between the winter and summer solstices. This means that during the winter months, the sun may have a direct line through your windows. Bare trees also contribute to greater winter sun glare during the fall and winter months. Areas that are shaded by foliage during warmer months will now let sun directly through your windows.

There’s a reason the term “snow blindness” was coined. Snow amplifies glare tremendously. Even indoors, snow glare can make a room too bright, unpleasant, and washed out visually.

This bright whiteness is even more uncomfortable than the glare of the light diffused by high clouds on an overcast day, and it bounces around off the snow and other surfaces right through your windows.

Whether it is blocking out the harmful UV rays, cutting down the glare, reducing the condensation on the windows, helping prevent fading to your interior and even providing insulation to your windows, Clear View Window Film Solutions can help you find the right film no matter what the season.

Do you have an abundance of glare and heat coming through your windows? Always have blinds or shades closed? High A/C Bill? Open up your space to allow for full views of the beautiful winter season and increase your comfort indoors. Let the Clear View team help you solve those issues with high-quality window films! Learn more about the advantages of window film installation at your home.


The Clear View Team

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