3M Scotchshield Ultra Series Safety & Security Window Film

Private Residence

“Safety & Security Window Tint While Maintaining Original Look and Beauty”

Safety and Security Glass Window Film (Residential)

CLIENT  STUDY: The homeowner was concerned with the security of their large glass door in the back of the home. It would be easy for someone to break the glass to gain entry. They also wanted protection in case one of their young kids would accidentally put a hand through it.

The perfect solution was 3M Safety & Security film with 3M Impact Protection Profile attachment system. The selected film is completely unnoticeable and acts as a deterrent against unwanted entry, giving the owners valuable time to notify the police and get their family to safety.

The family couldn’t be happier with the results. 3M Safety and Security films are great upgrades that strengthen glass, making plain glass safe and more secure. There are options to select slightly shaded security films to enhance outdoor views while softening glare and protecting valuable furnishings from sun damaging UV rays. Darker security films provide all the safety while giving you daytime privacy in spaces that require it.

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