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Clear-Hue Colored Glass Films

A collection of optically clear, high-performance polyester films applied onto glass or acrylic surfaces.

Clear Hue Colored Glass Films are a collection of optically clear, high-performance polyester films. Available in over 50 standard colors
Widths are available in 47” or 60”depending on color. (Colors may be subject to change.)


Our colors are so much fun! We can do bands, full coverage,

or just add a splash here and there!


Apply Clear-Hue Colored films in a single layer or in multiple layers for unlimited combinations. Clear-Hue Colored Films can be multilayered, die cut, and printed on to create unique design patterns for decorative and branding applications.

Transform any glass surface with color from floor to ceiling or partial accent band.  Clear-Hue Transparent Glass Films offer exceptional optical clarity, vibrant hues, and a vast spectrum of color choices.  Match Clear-Hue films to paint swatches, Pantone colors, branding guidelines or color themes to bring your design to life.

Transparent, Non-Reflective, UV Weathered, Deep Dyed Polyester,

Pressure Sensitive, Scratch Coated, Optically Clear Colors.

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