UV Window Tint – Architects Designers


“Pleasing and Comfortable Environment – With a Consistent Look” Commercial UV Window Tinting When tenants complain about rooms that are too hot or you notice that your energy costs are trending skyward, UV window tinting is a solution. 3M™ Window Films can help increase tenant comfort, [...]

Decorative and Designer – Architects/Designers


“Creativity with No Limits – Transform Plain Glass to Capture the Look” Custom Printed Film & Wall Graphics Each floor of the new Nestlé USA headquarters is associated with a specific Nestlé product family. The architects and designers were looking for ways to incorporate wall & [...]

Safety and Security – Architects/Designers


“Superior Invisible Protection – Students and Property Protected” Protection from Active Shooter The University of Virginia owns the building that houses The Judge Advocate General’s Legal Center and School. New federal compliance standards required UVA to upgrade windows to GSA 3B rating before a new long-term [...]