What is window film made of?
Different polyesters are transformed during the manufacturing process to produce a thin, transparent film that adheres to glass with a pressure sensitive adhesive already on the film.


Do you apply window film on the inside or outside of a home/building?
The answer is both. However, film is typically applied to the inside for most installations.


Can you apply window film to Low-E, Tinted, or Argon gas filled windows?
Absolutely! Not all films are applicable for these types of windows, but our company knows what films work on all glass types.


If I have Low-E glass do I even need window tinting?
It depends on what you’re trying to accomplish. Low-E glass and window film’s attributes are different. Low-E glass is a great insulator (keeping heat & a/c from escaping through your glass) where film only helps with this moderately. Window Film outperforms Low-E glass significantly in reducing the sun’s energy coming inside your home. We have met and done work for many homeowners that thought their Low-E glass would be enough protection for the floors and furniture until the moved a lamp on a table or pulled a corner of their rug back to realize the tremendous damage to their wood caused by the sun.


How do I clean window film after the installation?
3M™ Window Films may be washed with any kind of window cleaner (including ammonia-based products). Avoid using anything abrasive (steel wool, razor blades, scouring pad, etc.). You may use paper towels, soft cloths, squeegees, and micro fiber materials.


What is the life expectancy of 3M™ Window Films?
You can expect on average twenty years or more out of our films. Of course all 3M™ Window Films and our installations come with a lifetime warranty and 10, 12, & 15 year warranties for commercial installations.