Fortify your windows with 3M Safety and Security Window Film

Whether you want to protect your property from break-ins or flying glass due to severe weather,  3M Safety and Security Window Film helps transform your windows into one of the strongest points in your home,business,or public buildings like schools.

When it comes to protecting your business or your home, window security is very important, but often overlooked. Windows strengthened by a 3M™ security film provide increased security for your property. if your home or business suffers damage from weather or vandals, 3M Safety and Security Window Film holds the shattered glass in place.

Instead of breaking and falling out of the frame, glass with security film stays in place and remains a barrier to intruders or storm damage.  This offers another level of protection from additional damage and also guards against injury to pedestrians and pets who walk near the damaged glass site.

Criminals are often deterred when they are slowed down by glass held together by window security film.  Damage to the interior of your home or building is minimized if your windows are damaged during severe weather.  3M Safety and Security Window Film also provides protection from intruders in public buildings, like schools.


Benefits of 3M Safety and Security Window Film Include:

  • Crime prevention: impede the quick access that smash-and-grab thieves are looking for
  • Bomb blast protection: hold broken panes in place to help prevent flying shards of glass
  • Available in clear safety film or with a tinted sun control option
  • Graffiti management: save money when you replace only the window film that was vandalized instead of the expensive glass beneath the film
  • Enhance your security with enhanced privacy. Block views to confidential information, secure areas, or unsightly areas with the Privacy Series

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