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Professional Window Film
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We are a Locally Owned and Regionally recognized window film solutions company in Charlottesville VA. We work hard every day to earn your respect, building on our reputation for overcoming the challenges and problems you face that are best solved with window film.

We love what we do and we love our customers.

Darin Martin, Jr.

Owner, Clear View Window Film Solutions

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The Premier Window Film Solutions Company in Virginia Because of the kind words of our customers, the demand for our services has grown.  We now operate as Clear View of Charlottesville serving customers in the Charlottesville Area – its surrounding counties, and The Valley communities, and as Clear View of Richmond serving the city of Richmond and its surrounding counties.  As a family-owned certified SWaM business we thank all our customers for their support and for allowing us to serve them as the most recognized premier Window Films Solution Company in Virginia.


3M Window Film - Decorative


Our Clear Hue® line of window films allows you to customize any window or glass wall. Clear Hue® Interior Design Glass Finishes are a beautiful collection of window films used for design, branding, and privacy.


Over 20 Years Experience in Professional Window Tint Installation and 17+ Years in Business


Environmentally friendly practices, using products that contribute to a sustainable lifestyle that conserves energy and is environmentally responsible to our future generations.


Endless possibilities for creativity in your home or business with our Clear Hue® window film product line. 


UV Blocking Window Film - Historic Monticello



Block harmful UV rays, protect your interiors and furnishings, increase comfort, energy efficiency and reduce sun  glare

Clear View applied window tinting to an entire wall of windows at our condo in Wintergreen. We have a stunning view, but the glare made it difficult to enjoy. The folks at Clear View came out and applied a few samples for us to think about. We made a decision and installers arrived the very next week to take care of the tinting. They were on time, professional, and did a great job! I would recommend their service 100 percent!

Susie Kelly


Our Team

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Window Tint FAQs

How long does window tint or film take to install?

Window film installation is typically fast and easy, only requiring a few hours or less than a day for installation. For larger sets of windows or commercial window tint installation, the time can vary based on the size of the project.

Does window film provide privacy at night?

At night, the window film will block about 95% of the light to give you a high level of privacy. During daylight hours, any ambient light will reflect the mirror film's surface, making it impossible to see inside.

What are the different types of window films?

There are three main types of window film, each of which is installed on home windows for a different reason or benefit. They are Solar, Security and Decorative. 

Can I install 3M Window Film myself?

The potential pitfalls of DIY window tinting—such as dirt or streaks of window cleaner appearing beneath the film, scratches on the film from cuts made, or bubbles and wrinkles—are all reasons why some homeowners opt for a professional installation to ensure a more polished, pristine finish. But a meticulous DIY window film installation can yield similarly high-quality results.

Should I DIY my home window film?

No. 3M Window Films require professional application; only authorized 3M Window Film Dealers are thoroughly trained and experienced in performing high-quality work.


We know a personal touch makes all the difference. Give us a ring during office hours and we'll answer all of your questions!