School Safety- How Safe are Your Children?

In terms of school safety, Sandy Hook, Columbine, Virginia Tech all have an unfortunate connection. Remembering these tragedies is important, not only for those families affected but in helping guide our community to develop action plans to protect our students.

We have taken a huge step forward for you by researching and exanimating many variables related to school tragedies by focusing on how to prevent these tragedies by pro-actively planning ahead.

Developing a Plan

Developing any security program relies upon careful and strategic planning of proactive procedures.  After developing emergency procedures, including decisions regarding personnel and technology, are vital to the success of any security program.

There are only three interdependent components of any physical security system: People, Procedures, and Technology.

Please read the findings in our full report to learn how your school(s) can save lives through practical, affordable, unobtrusive, and action plans vital to the success of a school security program.

Report: “The 5 most dangerous trends facing school safety today”


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