Don't Cover Your View With Blinds...

Allow the View to Come Through with Energy Saving Window Film

Energy Savings Through Window Film

Heating and cooling easily account for the most energy consumption in your home. They use at least 4 times more energy than any other power source that your home uses. The heating and cooling in your home can account for greater than 50% of your home’s total energy used.






The greatest source of summer heat inside your home are windows. Windows will account for about 50% of the heat that enter your house. This is primarily caused from direct sunlight that enters through your windows.






Since heating & cooling are the largest consumers of energy in your home and around 50% of the summer’s heat is caused from direct sunlight than you can see why 3M™ Window Tinting is so impactful.

Our 3M™ Window tinting can reject up to 79% of the sun’s heat and reject 99.9% of the UV rays. Unlike blinds or drapes our 3M™ Window Tinting also allows an abundant amount of natural light into your home eliminating the need for interior lighting during the day.

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