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Introducing Clear-Hue Colored Film
Clear-Hue Colored Film
Clear-Hue Colored Film
Clear-Hue Colored Film

Clear-Hue Colored Film

Clear-Hue Colored Film is a new product line by Clear View Window Tinting that allows you to create interior or exterior design limited only by your imagination.  Clear Hue Colored Glass Films are a collection of optically clear, high performance polyester films. Available in over 50 standard colors, with widths are available 47”or 60” depending on color. (Colors may be subject to change.)

Need a logo for the front door of your business that matches your logo colors….exactly?  What about some variated tint for your new conference room?  Accents for the new office suite? Get inspired and look at our expansive catalog of Clear-Hue colored film and frosted glass films. We can do bands, full coverage, or just a splash here and there.

Our Colors Are So Much Fun!

Let your imagination run wild in what you can accomplish with Clear-Hue custom print films or Clear-Hue gradient films. With our Clear Hue custom gradients you can add your logo, different pattern elements, and multiple colors.

All our films can be matched to Pantone colors, and can be fully customized by size, shape or opacity.  We can even recreate photography and text on film!

Clear Hue custom print can be any design you can imagine. We use an optically clear polyester window film that shows colors beautifully and is invisible where you want no color or graphic. Our custom print is great for interior design, branding, distraction marks or anywhere your imagination takes you. Unlike vinyl, the films are made specifically for glass and have a crisp no haze appearance.





Clear-Hue Colored Films

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