Furniture Fading & Floor Fading

Furniture fading and floor fading happen before most people become aware of it. The first time they notice the sun damage is after they move a piece of furniture or move a rug. By then, it is too late. The damage has occurred and will continue to happen unless the unfiltered sunlight is prevented from coming into their home.

 Myths about Fading

•  UV Rays are solely responsible for sun damage and fading

•  Blinds, shades, or curtains do a good job at preventing sun damage

•  Double Pane & LowE windows filter enough damaging rays to prevent fading

•  Only direct sunlight causes significant fading & sun damage

All 3M window films block up to 99.9% of UV light

Night Vision and Prestige window tinting will give you great UV protection. But that is not all that they do to protect your home and valuables. Our UV tint also filters out 97% of the Infrared light and up to 85% of the visible light. This is important because those parts of light contribute to furniture and floor fading.

Not only does UV light contribute to fading, but so do visible light (25%) and infrared heat from the sun (25%). 3M™ window tinting helps to block out visible light and heat to minimize your fabric fade. “Other” (10%) refers to variables that are beyond your control – such as orientation of your windows, and the sensitivity of the materials in your home to the sun. Our 3M™ Window tinting can filter our as much as 90% of these rays while conserving natural light and your views.

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