Our Consultations are Fun, Educational, and Of Course Always Free.

Locally Owned and Operated in Charlottesville, VA

Clear View Window Tinting is the Premier Installer of 3M Residential and Commercial Window Film in Central Virginia

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Our Free Consultations

The system we use for our consultations is the most important part of the window tinting process.  Our goal is for you to enjoy your windows all day without the obstruction of window treatments.

Whether it is residential window tinting or commercial window tinting, we will find the correct film for your situation.

Our consultations usually take about one hour and after we are finished you will be completely informed on what the films look like, how each one performs, and the exact cost.

Learn more about what to expect during your free consultation.

Phone: (434) 996-8468

Business Hours: 8a-6:00p M-F