Employee Productivity and Lighting

As an employer, you know that employee health and general well have a major impact on your organization, and your bottom line. Were you also aware how great a role lighting plays in affecting employee productivity?

Increased exposure to natural light in offices has been linked to happier workers, less absenteeism and sick days, and higher employee productivity. According to Ivy Cheung, the co-author of a Northwestern University Medicine study,“the extent to which daylight exposure impacts office workers is remarkable”.

People who work in day lit and full-spectrum office buildings report an increase in general well being. Specific benefits in these types of office environments include better health, reduced absenteeism, and increased employee productivity,

Improper Lighting Effects

Dim lighting causes eye strain and headaches because the insufficient lighting forces our eyes to work harder in order to see. This, in turn, can result in fatigue, and a lack of focus which are not ideal qualities in the workplace!

In the same way, florescent lighting equally provokes eye strain and is a major cause for migraines. Insufficient or unpleasant lighting can be dangerous in the workplace for several reasons. First, prolonged eye strain throughout the day drastically reduces concentration.
Secondly, employees are less motivated and carry out tasks less efficiently.  In addition, employees can also become tired more quickly which can lead to accidents.

Improper lighting conditions can result in excessive glare, high temperatures and increase the risk of headaches and migraines. The time lost due to employee fatigue and illness, made worse by poor lighting conditions, has a significant impact on absenteeism and productivity.

Office Health

Studies show that the proper use of daylighting decreases the occurrence of headaches, SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) sleep disorders, and eyestrain. Headaches and SAD are related to insufficient light levels. The number one health problem in offices is eyestrain.

The proper integration and management of daylighting in an office building provides the best spectrum of light for the eye. Eyestrain is diminished with landscape view through windows because the combination of short and long range views allows the eye to refocus. When the eye is not allowed to refocus to different distances, the dilating muscles are conditioned to a limited range of perspective. This can lead to near or far sightedness.

Another important yet simple effect from daylighting could be a more positive mood for employees. Increased job satisfaction, work involvement, motivation, organizational attachment, and lowered absenteeism could result from an improved mood. The mixture of softening harsh glare while enabling your employees to have views of the outdoors is a benefit of the correct application of the appropriate window film.


Venetian blinds and shades by themselves are not a viable tactic.  Blinds and shades eliminate natural light and views to the outside and are not a sufficient heat reducing solution.

3M™ Window Films allow the proper amount of daylighting and reduce three to six times more heat from the sun than closed blinds or shades while allowing employees to enjoy the views of the outside.  Your employees’ views will be more pleasant and optically clear with the application of 3M™ Window Films due to their glare reducing capabilities and low interior reflectivity.

This in turn, decreases absenteeism and helps improve your organization’s productivity and offers a very quick payback in money saved and revenue increases.  In addition, 3M™ Window Films have a payback period of typically 2 to 6 years in energy savings alone. Couple those with the life expectancy of 3M™ Window Films at greater than 20 years, is the reason why window film was listed in a US Department of Energy Study as one of only four technologies that received the highest probability of success for payback.

To learn more about how ClearView Window can help you improve productivity in your workplace, please contact us for a free consultation.

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